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Colour-coded needles

When your needle speaks, you can't go wrong! Needles are colour coded. No more worries about mixing up needle sizes! Only Beissel needles have the needle application embossed on every needle so that you find it easy to identify and use with the right fabric, every time.

Every needle one price!

Beissel Home Sewing Needles are suitable for all kinds of household sewing machines. However, the Twin and Triple needles are only compatible with modern sewing machine types.

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Pick the right NEEDLE for the right job!
Truly economic proposal
  • A global brand Licensed from TNI, Germany.
  • Save money by getting convenient 10 needle packs.
  • For popular applications are available in: DBX1, DPX5, TQX1, UY 128 GAS, B-27 systems.
  • Best price per needle, only 0,2 EUR.
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Pick the right NEEDLE for the right job!
A global needle brand with a 200-year German pedigree
  • Smooth eye prewents thread breakage.
  • The sharp tip easilly penatrates the garment to get a perfect stich.
  • The perfect geometry of the needle improves the performance of your sewing machine.
  • For perfect sewing, replace the needle every 8 hours of its job.

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Pick the right NEEDLE for the right job!